Build Your Own 10" x 20" 3-Image Set

Motivational ProductsWhat is one of the biggest dilemmas facing D'Azi Productions customers? Which print to choose. Now, you no longer have to decide on just one. We've made it easy for you with our 10" x 20" multiple showcase frame. All you have to do is select three of your favorite horizontal prints or three of your favorite vertical prints, and we will matt and/or frame the three 5" x 7" prints and ship them to you.


Step 1


Step 2

Browse the prints that have 5"x7" prints (currently we don't have images of the 5"x7"s) in the 8"x10" frames and find three of your favorites. (They all have to be horizontal or all vertical.) You're on your way to enjoying a beautiful piece of art.

Browse Prints


Tell us which three prints you want. In the product you receive, they will appear in the order in which you specify.


Title + Orientation (horizontal or vertical)

Choose Print #1:

Choose Print #2:

Choose Print #3:

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